Here we are. This is a capsule of my journey, tending Body/Mind/Spirit in multitudes of ways, exploring a vast plethora of colorful methodologies.

Appreciation is essential in tending all areas of wellness, and I am grateful to you.

My intention is for my exposed evolution process to help myself and others know peace, presence, and healing in this complicated mortal journey.

Blessed be.

Teachings I value say that you must trust your path is laid out for you in a positive way, but often don’t see the steps of the path. Without steps there may be no shape to your path at all! BUT you WILL know ONE step. Realize what the one step is. Then you must trust the path you cannot see and take the step that is visible. That is the daily leap of faith.

Your next step right now is to read the ABOUT section of this website. If we vibe, you will know your next step, and if we do not vibe, you will know your next step as well. I trust that your path will be most Divine either way.